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The Director’s Cut, founded by Amit J & Kamal J, is a creative film company specialising predominantly in Asian Weddings. Directors Amit J & Kamal J are
both professional photographers & cinematographers, each highly skilled at artistically composing those special shots for couples on their wedding day,
and with a growing team of photographers they focus on directing their teams to bring their photographic arts skill to film production.

The Director’s Cut creativity and technical equipment sets the company apart from others, providing an infusion of high end fashion-based and photojournalistic approach to wedding cinematography. Combining candid angles of the events of the day with structured direction towards newlywed couples and helping them feel at ease, enhances their experience on the happiest day of their lives.

Images Copyrighted to The Director’s Cut – Amit J Wedding Photographer 07474255970/ Kamal J Wedding Photographer 07845 796929 or Email: