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What Is The Director’s Cut?

The Director’s Cut is an edited version of the Film and Photography, representing the Director’s own approved edit.

To achieve this, The Director’s Cut Team are each highly skilled at artistically composing those special shots for couples on their wedding day, dressed in smart uniform and communicating with each other using wireless earpieces which enables them to position discretely and in a co-ordinated manner as not to overcrowd yet produce a masterpiece.

On your day you will get typically have a minimum of 5 crew members, including an editor backing up workflow to ensure your precious memories are not lost, and speeds up the post production process due to planning and layout of sequences.
Once back at the editing suite, the Director’s frequently visit to tweak the photography and film, before delivering the final product – The Director’s Cut

Ivan M – (BA in Film & TV Editing, MA in Picture/Image Editing) Is the Chief Editor for The Director’s Cut and is responsible for evaluating and editing content, along with managing the editing team to ensure the highest standards of cinematography film is produced. With a background of editing the documentary series ’Sezonci’, short film ‘Arrival’ and also video assisting with ’Star Wars Episode VIII’ Ivan helps produce the magic behind The Director’s Cut’s films.

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